Smart Traffic Analyzer

Smart Traffic Analyzer 15.0.0

Vehicle Counter & Road Traffic Analyzer, in order to data collection and incident detection (based on artificial vision)

* Automatically highway/road/street traffic analysis using artificial intelligence and video processing

* Counting and classification vehicles in different classes

* Calculating the real-time and average traffic volume

* Calculating the average speed of vehicles

* Incident detection including:

- Detecting the Accidents and unusual stopped vehicles

- Detecting the vehicles that moving in wrong direction

- Detection of changes in traffic volume, To detecting emergencies

- Detection of changes in vehicles speed, To detecting emergencies

* Providing applicable reports in different forms, including charts, tables, and MS Excel files

* Ability to operate in two modes: Online (real time connection to the camera), Offline (video files)

STA (Smart Traffic Analyzer) is a professional project for urban/road Traffic Management ( & Highway Administration ) In order to incident detection, data collection and planning for road safety, based on artificial vision ( artificial intelligence and video processing )

STA have been tested and set up in different environmental and climatic conditions, and because of its high flexibility, in case of appropriate settings and minimum technical requirements, this software will have high performance and efficiency

* No problems such as problems on the electronic counting devices, such as speed limits, and lack of recognition vehicles on the parallel passage, and lack of recognition in the outside of induction range

* Ability to detect up to 250 vehicles simultaneously ( a unique feature of STA ) in both directions (suitable for multi-lane roads)

* Flexible to work in different operational environments and ability to adapt to the different climate

* Ability to Integrate with different video sources

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Smart Traffic Analyzer


Smart Traffic Analyzer 15.0.0

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